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After being kidnapped and left to die, a man awakens from a coma to learn his wife is missing, leading him back to the scene of the crime to solve her disappearance.

This Old Machine
IMDb: 3 84 min | 2017

A co-ed raped by cops is further traumatized by a society more prone to disdain and brutality than empathy. During a student party, Mariam, a young Tunisian woman, meets the mysterious Youssef and leaves with him. A long night will begin, during which she'll have to fight for her rights and her dignity. But how can Justice be made when it lies on the side of the tormentors?

Beauty and the Dogs
IMDb: 7.1 100 min | 2017

This drama tells the story of a troubled woman living in an isolated community who finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a secretive outsider suspected of a series of brutal murders.

IMDb: 7.1 107 min | 2017

The movie is about Mandy, a new mom is town who must take down a group of bullying PTA moms before they destroy her life.

Wicked Mom's Club
IMDb: 5.7 87 min | 2017

Jordan, a mysterious figure who plays basketball by himself at night, decides to join a men's basketball league thanks to the encouragement of his new friend Kevin. Together with their new team of unskilled misfits, The Oranges, they embark in a city-wide tournament to win the goal.

On the Court
IMDb: 5.5 90 min | 2017

Designer/reality show star Farleigh Knock has a knack for keeping beautiful things, like Dennis, around his home. So when Fairleigh gives Dennis an unthinkable ultimatum for his 30th birthday, Dennis goes from a kept boy to a lost man.

Kept Boy
IMDb: 5.4 89 min | 2017

The movie tells the story of Tim Cheung, who joins the Vampire Cleanup Department which is a secret task force for dealing Chinese vampire Goeng Si. He is instructed by his uncle Chau and he saves a female Goeng Si, Summer from her evil lord Goeng Si who buried alive her.

Vampire Cleanup Department
IMDb: 6.2 93 min | 2017

The movie centers on a couple who decides to announce their splitting up at the long-planned celebration for their tenth wedding anniversary.

All I Want
IMDb: 6.0 91 min | 2017

The movie is a boy's encounter with a ningyo, a yōkai analogous to merfolk. This funky, upbeat tale is full of energy and features cute merdogs, musical mermaids and a giant humanoid shark.

Lu Over the Wall
IMDb: 6.9 112 min | 2017

The debut feature film by songwriter Tim Kasher (Cursive, The Good Life), an engaged couple's relationship unravels over the course of a particularly rocky New Year's Eve.

No Resolution
IMDb: 7.0 90 min | 2017

The movie tells the story of a woman who fights for independence, trying to succeed with her own art in the extremely competitive world of dance.

Bobbi Jene
IMDb: 6.3 95 min | 2017

When he finds a lost credit card,a penniless loner devises a plan to defraud its owner. Intimate and oblique, Withdrawn is a comedy about wasted time.

IMDb: 5.0 73 min | 2017

This coming of age slasher movie is about two strangers who meet in the Forest of Lost Souls, a dense and remote place where many people go to commit suicide. They decide to briefly postpone killing themselves in order to explore the forest and also to continue talking to one another. But one of them is not what they look like.

A Floresta das Almas Perdidas
IMDb: 5.7 71 min | 2017

Set in 1963, the movie is about a rogue intelligence agent and a military industrialist who must race against the clock to stop an international incident which threatens to end the world.

IMDb: 5.6 94 min | 2017

When 6 friends go on a camping trip only one survives but can't speak.

The Missing 6
IMDb: 2.0 48 min | 2017

16-year-old Sebastian Prendergast longs to leave his isolated existence and when he meets Jared Whitcomb, a young up and coming punk rocker with a heart condition, he decides to pick up a guitar and join Jared in becoming a punk rock group.

The House of Tomorrow
IMDb: 6.4 85 min | 2017

Through the story of a female firefighter who transfers to a new brigade in the south of France, we plunge into the lives of these great heroes: courage when facing the flames, but also on the front lines of our daily lives.

Les hommes du feu
IMDb: 6.1 90 min | 2017

In the summer of '75 in Sines, Portugal, Al Berto, a writer, who embodies an entire moving generation. He and his friends exude youth, eccentricity and hope for the future - but right after the fall of Portugal's dictatorship system, the country is not yet ready for his love story.

Al Berto
IMDb: 5.9 109 min | 2017

A contract killer and cat burglar find out they share the same man and decide to kill each other. After discovering the man has another woman, the two women team up to hunt down the man and his mistress.

Husband Killers
IMDb: 4.2 96 min | 2017

This drama is about the struggle between love and law; about social differences and distances that these generate. And about love, that crosses all, allows all: both good and evil.

IMDb: 4.6 80 min | 2017

A band of students comes to celebrate the New Year in an old manor house isolated from everything, where their substance-fueled revelry soon descends into a bloodstained nightmare.

The Mansion
IMDb: 4.7 100 min | 2017

A young woman wakes up in a seemingly evacuated hospital with a hurricane approaching. She realizes the storm has awakened malevolent forces, trapping her in a time loop. She must escape the hospital before the storm passes or she will be trapped in its halls forever.

IMDb: 4.3 85 min | 2017

The movie tells the romance story of a suicidal girl who falls in love with a fallen angel. Together they embark on a love story that will change them both forever.

IMDb: 6.5 75 min | 2017

The movie is about a student who becomes the star of the class when she discovers a bag of old, mysterious clay and uses it for sculpting assignments. Things begin to get strange, however, when students' projects are destroyed and one of her classroom rivals disappears.

Vampire Clay
IMDb: 5.3 80 min | 2017

The movie centers on a man who is struggling with a horrific past. He then must confront a stalker turned murderer of her youth in order to win her life - but will her own demons help the killer exact his vengeance?

Del Playa
IMDb: 5.0 101 min | 2017

In this horror movie, a caring mom loses her sanity, setting off a chain of events leading to horrific murders. Casey Pollack’s story unfolds from two different perspectives as a night in the woods ends in absolute terror.

Dead Night
IMDb: 4.9 86 min | 2017

High school kid, Thorvald, influenced by a girl he likes, Ida, campaigns to change his school's mascot, the Viking, to something less offensive to the Scandinavian community. It's a love story.

IMDb: 5.2 86 min | 2017

Looking for revenge against a ruthless drug cartel, a highly successful hitman is drawn into the world of murder for hire by an even more dangerous organization, while a local sheriff tries to uncover his dark secrets.

Narco Hitman
IMDb: 6.1 87 min | 2017

A home invasion forces two teenagers to break into a remote country manor and steal Top Secret documents. There they encounter high-powered men who go to dress up as babies to relieve stress.

Adult Babies
IMDb: 4.3 84 min | 2017

In the distant future, James, the last human on Earth, is raised by a machine. He struggles with the loneliness of no human interaction and questions the teachings of a mysterious religious 'Manual' which the machine claims is holy.

The Manual
IMDb: 5.8 30 min | 2017