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The movie centers on a woman who crashes through a window at her gym, and winds up in Purgatory with a split soul. The women are returned to Earth for 48 hours to mend their dysfunctional family, or face dire consequences.

The Better Half
IMDb: 5.2 93 min | 2015

A comedic family film that follows Mackenzie, an angst-ridden 14 year old girl (Abby Corrigan) whose mother died during childbirth. Mackenzie and her father Ash (David Garrett), who is a strong caring man, join a journey to the quirky South Georgia town of McClellan to visit his sister.

Headed South for Christmas
IMDb: 6.8 64 min | 2015

The film stars Jane Levy as Stepphy, a teenager living in the small town of Lonely Arms whose dreams of becoming a famous singer are dashed when her alcoholic father George refuses to let her enter a singing competition in New York City. Her fate may change...

Bang Bang Baby
IMDb: 5.0 90 min | 2015

Directed by Dominic Brunt, Bait is a thriller film which revolves around Bex and Dawn. They are trapped. They dream of taking control of their lives and owning their own upmarket cafe, but no one will give people them the opportunity. What will they do?

IMDb: 5.5 82 min | 2015

The film is the debut special from Andy Peters. More bootleg than traditional special, Andy recorded only one show, one night at The Virgil in Los Angeles. The special features a bouncy mix of Andy's dive-in-head-first approach to comedy.


Zombies, demonic entities, self-surgery, cannibalism and more await in the dark corners of this terrifying offering from some of the most talented filmmakers working in the genre today. The film leads you through a pulse-charging night of cinematic horror.

A Night of Horror Volume 1
IMDb: 4.3 88 min | 2015

The movie tells the story of a seafaring captain (Donald Sutherland) as he helps a struggling widow (Carrie-Anne Moss) and her bullied 12-year-old son (Gage Munroe).

Pirate's Passage
IMDb: 6.9 88 min | 2015

Theodore Meridian is a geneticist plagued by an enigmatic ability to see deaths that will befall his subjects within 24 hours. The movie follows Meridian as he struggles with his morality as he searches for the gene that causes that ability.

IMDb: 4.9 81 min | 2015

After inheriting a Christmas tree farm, a successful New York businesswoman plans to sell it. However she changes her mind when she falls in love with the townspeople and meets a charming lawyer named Tucker.

Christmas Land
IMDb: 6.3 84 min | 2015

The movie follows a group of collage girlfriends who decide to go to the beautiful snowy mountains of the Scottish Highlands party over the Christmas holiday. However, what starts off as the perfect festive getaway of fun suddenly descends in to gruesome blood bath of terror, and a fight for survival.

Christmas Slay
IMDb: 2.7 95 min | 2015

On special assignment from the head angel, a guardian angel is sent to the town of Angel Falls in hopes of restoring it's Christmas spirit. As she helps the townspeople to revive their traditions, Gabby meets a volunteer fire chief who teaches her the truth about the love she admires from afar.

Christmas in Angel Falls
IMDb: 6.3 84 min | 2015

This movie examines what it really takes to get noticed on the Internet today. When two internet obsessed teenagers die in an unexpected fight and the lead suspect disappears, Balthazar is interrogated. He then plots to escape from custody to rescue his best friend before it's too late.

Social Suicide
IMDb: 6.7 92 min | 2015

A spirited young Amish woman, who isn't satisfied with her path at home, visits a cousin for the summer. Over the summer, she's faced with a difficult decision regarding whether to remain in an Amish community or leave her loved ones behind to live in a very different world.

Love Finds You in Charm
IMDb: 6.6 92 min | 2015

It hurts to trust wrong people, doesn't it? A man on the verge of suicide is visited by a guardian angel who gives him glasses that enable him to see who is good and who is evil.

Look Again
IMDb: 6.1 90 min | 2015
Eps 3/3 HD

Tut is a Canadian-American miniseries that premiered on U.S. cable network Spike on July 19, 2015. The three-part miniseries is based on the life of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Season 1 of this is released on 19 July, 2015.

Tut - Season 01
IMDb: 7.2 88 min | 2015
Eps 7/7 HD

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a seven-part British historical fantasy TV miniseries adapted by Peter Harness from Susanna Clarke's best-selling novel of the same name. Season 1 of this drama set during the Napoleonic Wars in an England where magic once existed and returns in the form of two men, Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel) and Gilbert Norrell (Eddie Marsan).

Eps 16/16 HD

After surviving last year’s record breaking cold, the Mountain Men return more prepared than ever to do fight against Mother Nature, but unpredictable extremes in an ever-changing world force them to find new ways to adapt or die. They battles against nature's deadliest predators.

Mountain Men - Season 04
IMDb: 7.2 42 min | 2015
Eps 10/10 HD

The film starts when undersea creatures stage a series of attacks in land, The Awesomes visit their old friend Seaman at the bottom of the ocean. Mr. Awesome returns to Earth. Valentines Day is ruined when Villain Tine steals all the roses in the world.

The Awesomes - Season 03
IMDb: 7.4 23 min | 2015
Eps 6/6 HD

The last season begins when Mark and Jez meet for the first time in six months to attend the stag do for a supposedly sober Super Hans. Jez is reluctant to apologise to Mark. Mark has a new job at a bank, which Johnson helped him to obtain. Mark grants Jez a loan at his bank....

Peep Show - Season 09
IMDb: 8.6 25 min | 2015
Eps 18/20 HD

In Mickey Mouse series, Mickey Mouse takes on new adventures finding himself in silly situations in different settings. Season 3 of this is first released on July 17, 2015 with 20 episodes.

Mickey Mouse - Season 03
IMDb: 8.2 4 min | 2015
Eps 8/10 HD

Hollywood Game Night features two contestants, each with a team of celebrity guests, competing in pop culture party games for a chance to win $25,000. Season 3 of this is first aired on July 7, 2015.

Hollywood Game Night - Season 03
IMDb: 7.5 43 min | 2015
Eps 12/13 HD

Penn & Teller: Fool Us is a British-American television programme. It is a one-hour competition series celebrating magic and featuring the legendary duo Penn & Teller.Season 2 of this series is released on 6 July 2015.

Penn and Teller Fool Us - Season 02
IMDb: 8.1 60 min | 2015
Eps 8/8 HD

The show is about the day-to-day life of the main character Lisa, her husband, her dad, as well as neighbours and colleagues. Each episode is an hour long (including adverts) and takes place in various locations, including the cul-de-sac Lisa lives in, her workplace, local pub The Dog and Dart, and more. Season 5 is first released on 11 September 2015.

Mount Pleasant - Season 05
IMDb: 7.3 90 min | 2015
Eps 21/22 HD

In this, the Paragon Prisms were given to a dozen dinosaurs for safe keeping by an alien, but they were lost when asteroids hit the Earth and wiped out the dinos. And now, an intergalactic bounty hunter starts sniffing around Earth looking for the Prisms in order to harness their power and annihilate the world, so a team of Power Rangers forms to find the Prisms first and fight the bounty hunter and other threats with dino-powered swords, blasters, Zords (in Power Rangers lingo, large fighting machines) and Megazords.

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Season 22
IMDb: 6.1 24 min | 2015
Eps 39/40 HD

The seventh season begins with contestants when they must compete against each other for a chance to win $500,000 in a house wired with cameras and microphones, capturing their every move for a TV and Internet audience. Who will be the winner?

Big Brother US - Season 17
IMDb: 5.4 44 min | 2015
Eps 12/12 HD

In “Ink Master: Redemption,” human canvases from previous “Ink Master” seasons, who are unsatisfied with their tattoos, come back the shop for a chance at new ink. Each episode will feature a different twist, including the risk that your tattoo artist is the same one who gave you the original tattoo.

Ink Master Redemption - Season 03
IMDb: 7.4 60 min | 2015
Eps 6/6 HD

The film opens with the main character is Anthony Michaels. He steps back into the Ink Master ring to coach two artists who didn't make it past the first bell. Can they get their redemption or will they be totally knocked out? Let's follow the film to discover.

Ink Master Redemption - Season 01
IMDb: 7.4 60 min | 2015
Eps 8/8 HD

In this new series, four bladesmiths will compete for $10,000 and the title of Forged in Fire champion. Competitors design and forge deadly edged-weapons of war. Their work will be put to the test, and those that fail will be sent home.

Forged in Fire - Season 01
IMDb: 8.3 42 min | 2015
Eps 14/14 HD

During this season, the 15 new artists are divided into three teams, each coached by a previous winner of Face Off. If every member of a coaches team is eliminated, that coach leaves the competition as well. Which team will be the winner at last?

Face Off - Season 08
IMDb: 8.2 44 min | 2015
Eps 5/8 HD

UK comedians relate their favourite historical stories while drunk. Drunk History will inebriate, educate and entertain as we get celebrities from the UK drunk and order them to teach us about history. Tonight Rob Beckett on Henry VIII, Kerry Howard talks about The Black Death.

Drunk History (UK) - Season 01
IMDb: 6.9 30 min | 2015