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Eps 40/40 HD

The contestants are sequestered in the Big Brother House with no contact to or from the outside world. Each week, the HouseGuests take part in several compulsory challenges that determine who will win food, luxuries and power in the House.

Big Brother US - Season 16
IMDb: 5.4 44 min | 2014
Eps 13/13 HD

In the season premiere, Felix, Andy, Jack, and Sam are back in their own time line but they are different from when they first crossed over. During an interview Felix spots Alice who later turns up outside Pheobe's place weak and feverish. Andy gets into trouble.

Nowhere Boys - Season 2
IMDb: 7.4 26 min | 2014
Eps 12/13 HD

The icy adventures continue for the main characters as they race to prepare for their survival as the oncoming winter freeze begins to take hold in Alaska. With temperatures plummeting and limited daylight, it's a battle to secure the last of available resources.

Life Below Zero - Season 05
IMDb: 8.1 44 min | 2014
Eps 8/8 HD

With temperatures rising across Alaska, Sue must battle the elements to keep her camp running in the face of threats from waking predators. In Eagle, break-up on the Yukon River marks the most arduous time of the year, with Andy and Kate preparing for the oncoming freeze.

Life Below Zero - Season 04
IMDb: 8.1 44 min | 2014
Eps 12/14 HD

In the third-season premiere, Sue is forced to face a painful memory when she crosses paths with a grizzly bear. Elsewhere, the Bassichs set up a fishing wheel to feed their sled dogs; the Hailstones run into trouble net fishing; and Erik travels to Kodiak Island to find food.

Life Below Zero - Season 03
IMDb: 8.1 44 min | 2014
Eps 6/6 HD

The film revolves around struggle of people who live in the remote areas of Alaska, trying to survive in the below zero conditions, demonstrating their everyday struggles when they hunt and depend only on themselves to survive. Can they survive in hard conditions?

Life Below Zero - Season 02
IMDb: 8.1 44 min | 2014
Eps 12/12 HD

The film focuses on a former sitcom star attempts to restart his career. A ghostwriter is hired to help with a memoir in the opener of this series, in which a former sitcom star attempts to restart his career. BoJack attracts unwanted media attention.

Bojack Horseman - Season 1
IMDb: 8.4 25 min | 2014
Eps 30/30 HD

The new wardrobe is "The Season of Brad", a tribute to Brad Pitt. Daniel comes face-to-face with a live bear, and the owner of a golf store gets a "Mad Men"-style consultation. Starting with this episode, the cold open warning is read in several different languages.

Tosh.0 - Season 06
IMDb: 7.4 30 min | 2014
Eps 8/9 HD

Topical comedy show in which Russell Howard offers up an energetic look at global goings-on and finds his own uniquely upbeat angle on the news each week. Russell stars the new series off with his take on UKIP, Ebola and as his special guest Mike Goody.

Russell Howard's Good News - Season 09
IMDb: 7.7 60 min | 2014
Eps 8/8 HD

In the season premiere, Nathan convinces a mechanic to verify his estimates with a polygraph test, and rebrands a realtor to sell only ghost-free homes.

Nathan For You - Season 2
IMDb: 8.8 30 min | 2014
Eps 12/12 HD

Seven strangers kick off the experience of a lifetime when they move into their new Seattle house, but they have no idea seven people they have unfinished business with, their bad blood, will be moving in with them very soon.

The Real World - Season 32
IMDb: 8.1 43 min | 2014
Eps 12/15 HD

It tells about a wild and flirtatious first day leads to sexual tension for Dione and two of his female roommates. Jenna, proud of her Southern roots, and she does not afraid to express her opinions, tests the patience of the roommates.

The Real World - Season 31
IMDb: 8.1 43 min | 2014
Eps 13/13 HD

This TV series tells about a diverse group of seven to eight people in their late teens to mid-20s. They live together in a major city. The season presents their spontaneous, unscripted interactions with one another and the world around them.

The Real World - Season 30
IMDb: 8.1 43 min | 2014
Eps 10/10 HD

This action-packed spy thriller follows Long Island farmer, Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who turn the tide in America's fight for independence.

TURN: Washington's Spies - Season 1
IMDb: 8.1 60 min | 2014
Eps 13/14 HD

Sixteen fighters from Canada and Australia live, train, and compete for 44 days battling the elements, loneliness and each other in a quest for a coveted contract with the UFC.

Eps 6/6 HD

Season 3 opens with a tipsy Steven appearing on the "Lorraine" chat show and telling a story from his past that could bring down the U.S. government. Later, he suffers stage fright ahead of his starring role in Macbeth.

Toast of London - Season 3
IMDb: 8.2 30 min | 2014
Eps 6/6 HD

In the season premiere, Steven Toast wants to enter an actors and prostitute blow football competition which is raising money for homeless ponies. He hopes to team up with his arch nemesis' wife Mrs Purchase but ends up being partnered with Wendy Nook.

Toast of London - Season 2
IMDb: 8.2 30 min | 2014

The shocking story of Conan lost his memory, and was kidnapped. Since he can not remember anything, Conan becomes an accomplice of the criminals, and is pushed into extremely dangerous situations! Can his memories return?


This season focuses on Kogoro. He says he's being chased by someone. He tells Azusa to not tell anybody where he is but her mouth slip and the chase begins. He thinks of ways he can get away from these people who are after him.

Eps 13/13 HD

The film follows the crew of a multi million dollar charter boat in the Caribbean. Another summer brings another charter season full of surf, sand and high class demands. What will happen with them? Let's enjoy the film.

Below Deck - Season 02
IMDb: 6.7 60 min | 2014
Eps 16/16 HD

The prize was a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay's Pub & Grill at Caesars Atlantic City. Gordon Ramsay returned as head chef and Andi van Willigan and James Avery returned as sous chefs. However, Jean-Philippe Susilovic did not return ...

Hells Kitchen US - Season 13
IMDb: 7.0 42 min | 2014
Eps 20/20 HD

In this season, 20 chefs were taken on a bus to Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsay mentioned that Los Angeles is known not only for its cuisine, but for its entertainment. Cooks and diners then danced to the show's theme song.

Hells Kitchen US - Season 12
IMDb: 7.0 42 min | 2014
Eps 13/13 SD

Season 3 begins when Bravo has shown some of the most luxurious houses that Los Angeles has to offer, but now it's time for the East Coast to showcase its exclusive and expensive properties.


In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a famous and successful brothel. However, one day a young prostitute named Alice killed herself there. After that, the brothel became haunted by Alice's ghost, and was eventually abandoned. More than a century later, it is renovated into a beautiful mansion despite the rumors of the ghost of Alice. And the new owner, the rich and arrogant heir to the Davenport fortune, decides to throw a wild party for his first night in the house.

The Haunting of Alice D
IMDb: 4.1 85 min | 2014

A 2012 American drama film written and directed by Jessica Goldberg, Refuge tells about a college dropout (Krysten Ritter) struggles to take care of her young siblings after their parents inexplicably abandon them.

IMDb: 5.9 84 min | 2014

The film follows Sebastian, who takes over a motel near Veracruz and spends most of his time maintaining it. He develops a warm friendship with Miranda, a motel regular, and stands in when her married lover doesn't show up.

The Empty Hours
IMDb: 6.4 101 min | 2014

The film is the documentary about veteran character actor Dick Miller, whose career in and outside of Hollywood has spanned almost 200 films across six decades, featuring a diverse range of interviews with directors, co-stars, and contemporaries.

That Guy Dick Miller
IMDb: 7.5 91 min | 2014

In the wake of tragedy a troubled detective clings to the last remaining semblance of the man he once was, to protect the city's most vulnerable, however, it is this fragile community that ... See full summary »

Down Here
IMDb: 4.8 89 min | 2014

The third season of Bates Motel consists of 10 episodes and premiered on A&E. Season 3 offers more of the dark, twisted backstory of Norman Bates and how deeply intricate his relationship with his mother. Norma finds herself turning to the other man in her life, Dylan, and begin to rely on him in way that she never expected. This relationship inevitably triggers jealousy in Norman and a new kind of love triangle between Norma and her 2 son erupts.  

Bates Motel - Season 3
IMDb: 8.2 45 min | 2014

Olive Kitteridge is a 2014 four-hour miniseries based on the 2008 novel of the same name by Elizabeth Strout. In this last part, Olive goes to see Christopher and his second wife in New York, but soon returns to Maine, where she receives some bad news about Henry.

Olive Kitteridge (Part 4)
IMDb: 8.4 60 min | 2014