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Day Out of Days is a 2015 American drama film directed by Zoe Cassavetes and co-written by Cassavetes and Alexia Landeau, who also starred in the film. It follows Mia Roarke (Alexia Landeau) struggling to retain relevancy in Hollywood as she nears 40.

Day Out of Days
IMDb: 6.0 80 min | 2018

When a young woman in the Midwest learns her parents' killer has been released from jail, she is forced to revisit old wounds while discovering the destructive power of hate and the true cost of family secrets fully revealing themselves.

The Scent of Rain & Lightning
IMDb: 5.7 100 min | 2017

This movie follows the sole survivor of a doomed space mission as she attempts to reunite with her terminally ill daughter. The government, however, believes she's returned to earth with an extraordinary power and orders her confined to a secret facility.

One Under the Sun
IMDb: 3.8 101 min | 2017

The film focuses on Valentine, a young model living in Geneva. Because of a dog she ran over, she meets a retired judge who spies his neighbours' phone calls, not for money but to feed his cynicism. She discovers her neighbor is keen on invading people's privacy.

Three Colors: Red
IMDb: 8.1 99 min | 1994

"A Wednesday" is a thriller, set in the hectic metropolitan city of Mumbai. The film is based on certain events that unfold between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on a particular Wednesday. The story is a cat-n-mouse play between an anonymous caller and the police.

A Wednesday
IMDb: 8.3 90 min | 2008

The sixth in the Pink Panther series, this comedy looks back at the life of deceased Inspector Clousseau through his friends and enemies. Their memories to a reporter who is intent on explaining the detective's disappearance while he investigated the second theft of the Pink Panther jewel.

Trail of the Pink Panther
IMDb: 4.9 96 min | 1982

In this thriller, a deranged hotel manager with a distorted view of reality targets one of his guests. Terrifying consequences soon unfold.

IMDb: 3.9 80 min | 2017

James Mason plays a British secret agent puzzled by the sudden suicide. Mason had worked on Flemyng's security clearance himself, and can't fathom what personality quirk he might have missed. The agent suspects that the dead man's wife may hold the answer to Flemyng's despair.

The Deadly Affair
IMDb: 6.9 115 min | 1966

The film focuses on Carolyn Ellenson. She double-crosses five people who cross her path and is murdered by one of them. After marrying Harlow Grant for his money, she leaves him but carries on her infidelities so cleverly he can not divorce her. When she realises that...

No Man's Woman
IMDb: 6.3 70 min | 1955

The story revolves around an early 20th century theatre troupe in Paris specializing in gory, naturalistic horror. Cesar's wife, the actress Madeline, whose mother had been murdered by axe, is haunted by nightmares of an ax-wielding man. Then, suddenly, Rene Marot mysteriously returns and begins murdering...

Murders in the Rue Morgue
IMDb: 5.2 87 min | 1971

This movie follows a group of astronauts aboard the International Space Station who attempt to harness a new energy source called the "God Particle,", only to unleash something terrifying.

The Cloverfield Paradox
IMDb: 6.1 102 min | 2018
Eps 1/6 HD

In the season premiere, past and present collide in Oxford, as the auction of a priceless Faberge Egg gets underway at Lonsdale College.

Endeavour - Season 5
IMDb: 8.6 89 min | 2018

A surgeon claims he has the ability to remove highly advance implants, nanotechnology microchips imbedded by aliens, non-humans monitoring our earth.

Patient Seventeen
IMDb: 4.1 68 min | 2017

A genre-bending anthology film set around the seven deadly sins.

Seven Devils
IMDb: 6.6 97 min | 2016

Based on the mystery novel by Marryam Modell, the film is a bizarre study in motherhood, kindness, enigma, and insanity. Ann Lake, an American freshly relocated to England, wishes to drop off her daughter Bunny for the girl's first day at a new nursery school.

Bunny Lake Is Missing
IMDb: 7.3 107 min | 1965

A washed-up private security agent has to escort a valuable Chinese antique out of Shanghai but is ambushed en route.

The Shanghai Job
IMDb: 4.5 95 min | 2017

Hunter Street is a comedy adventure television series created by Reint Schölvinck and Melle Runderkamp that premiered on Nickelodeon on March 11, 2017. The series stars Stony Blyden, Mae Mae Renfrow, Kyra Smith, Thomas Jansen, and Daan Creyghton. Season 2 of this is released on January 29, 2018.

Hunter Street - Season 2
IMDb: 7.2 90 min | 2018

Story of international intrigue involving a university professor, an Arab prime minister, a ruthless businessman and a beautiful spy. Professor David Pollock is an expert in ancient Arabic hieroglyphics. A Middle Eastern Prime Minister convinces Pollock to infiltrate the organization...

IMDb: 6.6 105 min | 1966

An investigator from the War Crimes Commission travels to Connecticut to find an infamous Nazi.

The Stranger
IMDb: 7.4 95 min | 1946
Eps 4/44 HD

In the season premiere, Hanna mourns after a deadly shooting; Candace rejects Benny's pleas to help her; Veronica and Melissa find themselves in danger.

The Haves And The Have Nots - Season 5
IMDb: 6.1 42 min | 2018

Pip, a good-natured orphan, lives with kind blacksmith Joe Gargery and his bossy, abusive wife 'Mrs. Joe'. When the boy finds two hidden escaped galley convicts, he obeys under - threat of a horrible death to bring the criminals food, he must steal at peril of more caning.

Great Expectations
IMDb: 8.0 118 min | 1947

Survivors of a tragic collision are rescued by a mysterious black ship which appears out of the fog. But then they realise that the ship is actually a WW2 Nazi torture ship which has sailed the seas for years, attracting unsuspecting sailors aboard and killing them off one by one.

Death Ship
IMDb: 4.8 91 min | 1980

Directed by John Baxter, this comedy film opens with two main characters, Charters and Caldicott. When they are touring in the Near East, are mistaken for German agents and handed in error a gramophone record which contains vital information for Britain's enemies.

Crook's Tour
IMDb: 5.9 80 min | 1941

When an armoured car is robbed, in a daring daylight raid on Tower Bridge, one of the gang hides the money in Barberini's Circus. The police also investigate people being murdered by throwing knives. A detective's examination of all the clues leads to a final denouement is...

Circus of Fear
IMDb: 5.4 91 min | 1967

Set in an alternative Victorian Age Gotham City, the movie follows Batman as he begins his war on crime while he investigates a new series of murders by Jack the Ripper.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
IMDb: 8.2 78 min | 2018

It tells the story of the lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff's Dept. and the state's most successful bank robbery crew as the outlaws plan a seemingly impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank.

Den of Thieves
IMDb: 7.4 90 min | 2018
Eps 2/10 HD

The Alienist opens when a series of haunting, gruesome murders of boy prostitutes grips New York City. A journalist and an investigative team assembled by police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt try to solve the case.

The Alienist - Season 1
IMDb: 8.7 60 min | 2018

In the middle of the Summit of Latin American presidents, the president of Argentina, Hernán Blanco, will have to be able to solve a very complicated personal matter that can affect both his private and public life.

The Summit
IMDb: 6.2 114 min | 2017

When alcoholic ex-cop Mike Kendall finds the body of a young woman, he becomes obsessed with redeeming himself by finding the killer. However, he unwittingly puts his family in danger and gets caught up with several dark characters along the way.

Small Town Crime
IMDb: 7.0 91 min | 2018
Eps 5/10 HD

Beyond is an American science fiction drama television series created by Adam Nussdorf. Season 2 of this will focus on Holden’s struggle with whether or not he wants to embrace his powers and the consequences of his actions during the last season.

Beyond - Season 2
IMDb: 7.3 43 min | 2018