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This documentary is about Iranian-American Ali Shirazinia, who establishes himself as one of the world's best DJs.

Above Ground Level: Dubfire
IMDb: 7.5 77 min | 2017

Voyage of Time is a celebration of the universe, displaying the whole of time, from its start to its final collapse. This film examines all that occurred to prepare the world that stands before us now: science and spirit, birth and death, the grand cosmos and the minute life of our planet.

Voyage of Time: Life's Journey
IMDb: 6.5 90 min | 2017

When life hits him hard, Joe Carman punches back. Although he promises his wife and daughters that he will not return to competitive mixed martial arts fighting, Joe secretly begins training for the dangerous sport that gives him a sense of purpose.

The Cage Fighter
IMDb: 7.0 81 min | 2017

Coming to "Live from Space", viewers will be brought into space. National Geographic and NASA will send you into space - live! For the first time ever, board the International Space Station and take a complete orbit of Earth in real time.

Live from Space
IMDb: 5.9 90 min | 2014

A surgeon claims he has the ability to remove highly advance implants, nanotechnology microchips imbedded by aliens, non-humans monitoring our earth.

Patient Seventeen
IMDb: 4.1 68 min | 2017
Eps 8/8 HD

Fueled by his own rough upbringing, Snoop Dogg creates a youth football league to keep at-risk kids off the streets and focused on their goals.

Coach Snoop - Season 1
IMDb: 7.1 90 min | 2018

The power of America's national parks is undeniable. This documentary follows a trio of adventurers and revisits Roosevelt and Muir's camping trip when the Park System was born.

National Parks Adventure
IMDb: 7.1 43 min | 2016

This documentary goes inside an embattled urban police department struggling to rebuild trust in one of America's most violent yet promising cities.

The Force
IMDb: 6.8 80 min | 2017

Obit is the first documentary to look into the world of newspaper obituaries, via the obituary desk at The New York Times. The writers and editors discuss their unique approach to writing the obituaries of public figures.

IMDb: 7.3 93 min | 2016

This documentary gives us a speculative look at how a secret group has supposedly taken the reins of the U.S. by manipulating people and influencing religion, politics and education.

American Illuminati
IMDb: 5.0 70 min | 0000

The movie tells the story of an eccentric suburban woman and a Walmart door greeter as they navigate their evolving relationship.

IMDb: 6.6 103 min | 2017

This movie tells the remarkable story of how a group of inspired mavericks made an unlikely marriage of hip-hop and history the biggest musical show in America... and are getting ready to conquer the world.

Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway
IMDb: 7.6 90 min | 2017

Documentarian Alexandra Dean reassesses the life of the hailed Hollywood movie star and underappreciated genius inventor, Hedy Lamarr.

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
IMDb: 7.3 90 min | 2018

"Deep Blue" is the presentation of images from the world's oceans, gathered over years of filming, plunges the audience into the spectacle of the seas. Viewers embark on a journey from the shallowest coral reefs to the barren shores of the Antarctic and...

Deep Blue
IMDb: 7.5 83 min | 2004
Eps 4/4 HD

"The Detectives" is built from look of detectives about their works. In each episode is the appearance of a detective with his/her own case. In bringing intimate, raw interviews with detectives, the series offers an eye-opening what it takes to break a case from the detective's perspective.

The Detectives - Season 01
IMDb: 7.9 60 min | 2018

No Bull is a live video released by AC/DC in November 1996, filmed during the Ballbreaker world tour. The show, involving a crane, a large model of "Rosie" and a finale with half a dozen blazing cannons, features 20 live tracks spanning their then 23-year career.

AC/DC: No Bull
IMDb: 8.3 46 min | 1996

Live at Donington is the DVD recording of the AC/DC show at Donington Park on 17 August 1991, and it was the band's third Monsters of Rock festival. The DVD includes special features such as stereo and 5.1 surround sound, Iso-cam versions of certain songs for different band members...

AC/DC: Live at Donington
IMDb: 8.6 120 min | 1992

In the 1980s, ruthless Colombian cocaine barons invaded Miami with a brand of violence unseen in this country since Prohibition-era Chicago. Cocaine Cowboys is the true story of how Miami became the drug, murder and cash capital of the United States.

Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded
IMDb: 7.7 152 min | 2014

The film centres on breathtaking basketball highlights of the man considered the greatest basketball player of all time: Michael Jordan. Produced in 1989, Come Fly covers Michael's middle-class childhood in North Carolina and the first few professional seasons with the Bulls.

Come Fly With Me
IMDb: 8.1 42 min | 1989

The movie tells the story of a married couple who is forced to examine their relationship when they lose the family cat, in this comedic semi mock-doc directed by and starring a real life married couple.

Our House For the Weekend
IMDb: 5.5 57 min | 0000

In this innovative documentary or film essay, filmmaker and art theorist Dr. Francisco J. Ricardo delves into the creative mind of the multi-faceted James Franco in this innovative documentary or film essay.

F for Franco
IMDb: 4.1 78 min | 2016
Eps 4/4 HD

They used power and fear to destroy countless lives. Witness the stories of history's most notorious kingpins, their terrifying enforcers, and the men and women who've sworn to bring them down.

Drug Lords - Season 1
IMDb: 7.3 46 min | 2018

This documentary takes us deep into the underground world of street art, profiling the life and work of artist Shepard Fairey, following his roots in punk rock and skateboarding to his creation of the iconic Obama HOPE poster and the controversy that surrounds it.

Obey Giant
IMDb: 8.0 92 min | 2017
Eps 6/6 HD

Using interviews, archival footage, filmed recreations and animation, the film shows us how sex collides with and is often the motivating force behind all things in our world from science to politics to pop culture and social interaction.

Original Sin: Sex (2016) - Season 01
IMDb: 7.1 60 min | 2016
Eps 6/6 HD

This limited series follows the participants of France's 24-hour car race that takes place annually in Le Mans. This race is the ultimate test of stamina, ability, and pure insanity.

Eps 2/10 HD

Slutever follows host Karley Sciortino as she takes an in-depth look at sex, relationships, and intimacy in the modern world, finding the humanity in people and sex practices that are often stigmatized. In season 1 opener, VICE's resident sexpert speaks with a variety of dating experts in an attempt to unlock the mysteries of the coital dance.

Slutever - Season 01
IMDb: 5.5 90 min | 2018
Eps 4/12 HD

Undercover High follows seven young adults, ranging in age from 21 to 26, who embed themselves for a semester in Topeka, Kansas' Highland Park High School. The participants pose as typical students–attending classes, making friends and participating in school clubs and activities–to provide an inside look at what it's like to be a teenager today.

Undercover High - Season 01
IMDb: 5 60 min | 2018

It focuses on Richie McCaw through his final season as he attempts the goal of captaining the All Blacks to the first ever-back-to back Rugby World Cup Wins. Woven through that final season the film tells the story of Richie's life.

Chasing Great
IMDb: 7.3 105 min | 2016

This documentary is about the life and career of designer Zac Posen, chronicling his rise to fame, his epic fall from favor, and his challenge to rebuild his company and his reputation.

House of Z
IMDb: 7.6 90 min | 2017

In an attempt to understand why her best friend killed herself at 16, Jacqueline Monetta, 18 gets teens suffering to share their struggles with mental illness and suicide attempts.

Not Alone
IMDb: 7.0 51 min | 2016