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The movie centers on "Funny Cow", a comedian who breaks through the glass ceiling of the all-male 1970s comedy circuit to rise to stardom. It is set against the backdrop of working men’s clubs and the stand-up comedy circuit of the North of England.

Funny Cow
IMDb: 6.6 102 min | 2018

The unbelievable but true story of four young men who mistake their lives for a movie and attempt one of the most audacious heists in U.S. history.

American Animals
IMDb: 7.4 116 min | 2018

This movie tells the story of a private detective who is hired to track down a missing casanova - who has actually become a volunteer for Greenpeace - and ends up falling head-­over-­heels for him.

Perfect Piece
IMDb: 4.6 80 min | 2018

A supervirus has turned humankind into highly intelligent, streamlined killers. A man gifted with the ability to speak the Infected's new language must lead the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.

Patient Zero
IMDb: 4.4 90 min | 2018
Eps 5/15 HD

In The Repair Shop on BBC Two a team of Britain's most passionate and skilled crafts people will rescue broken objects and restore them to their former glory. If you have a damaged heirloom, a prized antique, a loved one's possession or anything else that needs restoring, please get in touch now!

The Repair Shop - Season 3
IMDb: 8.3 30 min | 2018
Eps 2/16 HD

Season 33 opens with Iain's lack of attention towards a suicidal patient resulting in a serious disaster, endangering many lives.

Casualty - Season 33
IMDb: 6.0 50 min | 2018

The movie follows the Nurse, who runs a secret, members-only emergency room for criminals. As the violence of the night continues, the Nurse must decide whether to break her own rules and confront what she's worked so hard to avoid.

Hotel Artemis
IMDb: 6.3 94 min | 2018

Essex boy Jim dreams of being rich and famous as he embarks on a journey from his hometown to London.

Postcards from London
IMDb: 5.1 88 min | 2018

In a world where humans and talking dogs co-exist, a macho but lonely Rottweiler police dog named Max and his human partner go undercover at a prestigious dog show to stop an animal smuggling activity.

Show Dogs
IMDb: 3.1 92 min | 2018

A mother hopes that a move to a new town will provide a better life for both herself and her awkward daughter. Although they pretend with each other that things are great, things are not going that well for either of them.

Pin Cushion
IMDb: 6.5 82 min | 2018

Season 4 opens with Dale planning to propose to Rachel. Meanwhile, Ken has been nominated for an award.

Cuckoo - Season 4
IMDb: 7.3 30 min | 2018

This movie is about a volatile, teenage girl called Candice who longs to escape the boredom of her seaside town. But when a boy she dreams about turns up in real life, she becomes involved with a dangerous local gang.

Kissing Candice
IMDb: 5.8 108 min | 2018

The movie centers on middleweight boxing champion Matty Burton who suffers a serious head injury during a fight, which has an impact on his marriage, his family and his whole life over time.

IMDb: 7.5 92 min | 2018

The movie tells the romance story of a suicidal girl who falls in love with a fallen angel. Together they embark on a love story that will change them both forever.

IMDb: 6.5 75 min | 2017

The movie is about a faithful Jehovah's Witness who is forced to shun her own sister because of a religious transgression. As the separation draws out, she starts to question the meaning of God's love.

IMDb: 7.2 95 min | 2018

In 1962 England, a young couple, both in their early 20s and also both virgins, spends their honeymoon preoccupied and terrified by the upcoming consummation of their marriage.

On Chesil Beach
IMDb: 6.4 110 min | 2018

A home invasion forces two teenagers to break into a remote country manor and steal Top Secret documents. There they encounter high-powered men who go to dress up as babies to relieve stress.

Adult Babies
IMDb: 4.3 84 min | 2017

Ari Ben-Zion, haunted by the death of his son, is assigned by the Mossad to smuggle a chemical weapons scientist out of Syria. There he navigates the precarious terrain of love and survival.

Damascus Cover
IMDb: 4.6 93 min | 2018
Eps 5/8 HD

Stan Lee's Lucky Man is a British crime drama television series, produced by Carnival Films and POW! Entertainment for Sky 1, which follows the story of Murder Squad detective Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt), who is granted the power to control luck.

Stan Lees Lucky Man - Season 3
IMDb: 7.2 60 min | 2018

Five years after the events of Mamma Mia! (2008), Sophie learns about her mother's past while pregnant herself. Discover Donna's young life, experiencing the fun she had with the three possible dads of Sophie.

Mamma Mia 2
IMDb: 7.4 114 min | 2018

This movie tells the true story of an English boxer named Billy Moore (Joe Cole), who is sent to prison in Thailand, where he fights tournaments to earn his freedom.

A Prayer Before Dawn
IMDb: 7.1 116 min | 2018
Eps 7/8 HD

In the first episode, when an unyielding new Justice makes a surprise arrest, Margaret and Nancy must race to find witnesses to give evidence against Lydia Quigley. Could this finally be their chance to get Lydia to pay for her crimes?

Harlots - Season 2
IMDb: 7.6 45 min | 2018

This Award-winning black comedy depicts 48 hours in the life of public school-fool and Hedge-fund manager, Darryl Maddock, who suddenly finds out that his beautiful fiancé is a serial gold-digger with a penchant for violence.

The Honey Killer
IMDb: 5.0 90 min | 2018
Eps 6/6 HD

In the first episode, when the body of a teenage girl who went missing at the turn of the millennium is found at a building site off the M1 motorway, four men are placed under the spotlight and their relationships are tested to the limit.

Unforgotten - Season 3
IMDb: 8.1 45 min | 2018

In the fall of 1960, two priests are dispatched to Ireland by the Vatican to investigate a mysterious event that occurred at a home for "fallen women," but they what they encounter far exceeds their expectations.

The Devil's Doorway
IMDb: 5.2 76 min | 2018

This movie is about a trainee hairdresser who discovers that her boyfriend is keeping a dark secret. Soon her world crashes around her as the quiet seaside town where she was born is overrun by homicidal scareycrows.

IMDb: 6.6 73 min | 2017

When Sam returns home to the tidal island where he grew up to attend a funeral, a series of encounters and events pushes Sam to delve into the circumstances surrounding the girl's death.

IMDb: 3.3 116 min | 2018

This movie consists of four interconnected stories of five key characters. All with just one thing in common; an insatiable curiosity which may ultimately cost them their lives.

Welcome to Curiosity
IMDb: 4.4 95 min | 2018

Derren Brown is a mentalist, illusionist, pop philosopher and debunker of scam-artists and mediums. In this documentary, he reinvents the concept of "faith healing" through a series of stunts that debunk the confines of fear, pain and disbelief.

Derren Brown: Miracle
IMDb: 6.2 90 min | 2016
Eps 5/5 HD

This series is based on true events, and it's very intense. Churchill's Secret Agents: The New Recruits will take a look at the top-secret recruiting and training of Britain's SOE program during World War II.