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Promising fund manager Jae-hoon is at the brink of losing everythingwhen his company goes bankrupt. Jae-hoon then decides to travel to Australia in the hope of reconnecting with his estranged family.

A Single Rider
IMDb: 6.3 97 min | 2017

The movie follows an actress as she wanders around a seaside town, pondering her relationship with a married man. On the beach she wonders: Is he missing me, like I miss him?

On the Beach at Night Alone
IMDb: 7.0 101 min | 2017
Eps 5/13 HD

The film tells a story of Zak who is a regular kid in the middle of a surfing competition. Unfortunately, he gets sucked into the Seven Seas of the Bermuda Triangle and he must fight for survival. What will happen?

Zak Storm - Season 01
IMDb: 7.7 22 min | 2017

Following the events of the first film, Surly and his friends must stop Oakton City's mayor from destroying their home to make way for a dysfunctional amusement park.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature
IMDb: 4.3 91 min | 2017

The movie is about a shady character who is one day confronted by an investigative reporter. It is an action noir film sharing the secrets and conspiracies surrounding two men amid the backdrop of Asia’s largest casino.

Real (Korean Movie)
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017

Yuna has had an unfortunate childhood and she struggles even as an adult. One day, she receives a phone call from the hospital that her mother is about to die. Yuna decides to take a day off for the first time in 10 years.

A Way Back to Mother
IMDb: 5.7 74 min | 2016
Eps 4/32 HD

Although originally born in the same year, two people end up being 13 years apart, an 18-year-old man and a 31-year-old woman. However, romance still sparks between them.

Reunited Worlds
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 4/24 HD

In the late 1970's, Jang Dal-Goo went to the Middle East and settled down in the small kingdom. He later came back home to South Korea to see his daughter, and their parent-offspring relationship undergoes change, making them realize the true meaning of "family".

Man Who Dies to Live
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 4/40 HD

Set during the Kingdom of Goryeo, the drama tells the story of the young and ambitious crown prince with a desire to conquer, and two people who shape his destiny; his childhood friend and a beautiful woman.

The King Loves
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017

The movie follows some elite troops from South Korea led by Captain Jo Jin-Ho (Kim Min-Jun) as they try to solve an amount of missing and death cases at the border between North- and South Korea.

IMDb: 5.0 87 min | 2016
Eps 1/16 HD

This drama follows a water god named Habaek who finds his bride in 2017. Now as he travels to the future, he not only needs to adjust to the modern life but also convinces the bride that she is his wife.

Bride of the Water God
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017

The movie tells the story of Mija, a young girl who risks everything to prevent family-owned, multinational conglomerate Mirando Corporation from kidnapping her best friend, a massive animal named Okja.

IMDb: 7.7 118 min | 2017
Eps 2/20 HD

Woo A-Jin lives a luxurious life due to her wealthy father-in-law, but her father-in-law's finances become decimated and her husband betrays her. She then climbs back up to find her life and she represents the lives of women these days as well as the social position of married women.

Woman of Dignity
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017

A shady cop becomes caught between internal affairs and the city's corrupt mayor. As things are getting worse, only the most evil survives in this dog-eat-dog world.

Asura: The City of Madness
IMDb: 6.5 136 min | 2016
Eps 10/10 HD

The film tells an extraordinary story of Claire Duncan who is obsessed with Korean dramas, specially Joon Park (Sean Dulake), in the drama Taste of Love. One day, everything is turned upside down when she finds herself sucked into her smartphone and transported into her favorite k-drama.

Dramaworld - Season 01
IMDb: 7.8 15 min | 2017
Eps 2/16 HD

The drama centers on Jang Deuk-Cheon (Jung Jae-Young), the chief of a crime squad. He meets a human clone and gets involved in a shocking case. They will have to battle each other to survive.

IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 5/10 HD

The film follows Yoo Hyun-Jae who is a famous singer and a scandal maker. Besides, Lee Ji-Hoon always desires to become an idol which can lead him to unexpected consequences. What will happen with them?

The Best Hit
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017

The movie tells the story of Dae-ho, an investigative journalist, whose son was abducted three years ago. Through a lucid dream, he finds a clue on his son’s disappearance.

Lucid Dream
IMDb: 6.2 90 min | 2017

Five children go to the mountains; magically, one comes back a man.

Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned
IMDb: 7.4 130 min | 2016
Eps 7/120 HD

Based on a patrol division, constable Moo Goong-hwa pays her dues to various people who overuse their power. Also there she meets Cha Tae-Jin, an elite police officer full of justice.

Lovers in Bloom
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 1/20 HD

The drama tells the love story between King Joongjong and Queen Dangyeong, who was on the throne for 7 days before she was removed from her position and expelled from the palace.

Queen For Seven Days
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 8/32 HD

Set in the Joseon Dynasty period, a romance takes place between cold-hearted Gyun-Woo (Joo Won) and Princess Hyemyung who causes troubles.

My Sassy Girl
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017

The movie follows Spark, a wisecracking teenage monkey and his friends, Chunk and Vix, are on a mission to regain Planet Bana, a kingdom overtaken by the power-hungry evil overlord Zhong.

Spark: A Space Tail
IMDb: 4.6 91 min | 2017
Eps 8/16 HD

This drama tells the story of Ko Dong-Man and Choi Ae-Ra who live a life with nothing to show for. It focuses on college backgrounds and how it affects people when pursuing the career paths they desire - are dreams even possible if you don't have the right background?

Fight My Way
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 16/32 HD

"Lookout" is the story of a group of people who lose loved ones in crimes and the criminals are not punished. The daily lives of these people are completely broken. They form a group to realize justice.

IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 8/12 HD

Story is set in the present day and the year 2037. An alien comes to Earth. The alien believes human's emotion should be controlled or they will have no future. The alien becomes involved with humans.

IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 72/241 HD

The show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, while interviews with the participants reveal their thoughts and feelings.

We Got Married - Season 4
IMDb: 7.5 90 min | 2017
Eps 8/50 HD

The drama follows thieves who cause damage to a small, elite group who secretly manipulates South Korea. It serves to bring satisfaction to those who are frustrated at the reality of the world.

Bad Thief, Good Thief
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 10/16 HD

A murderer has amnesia. Due to the amnesia, the murderer keeps trying to kill sexy brainiac prosecutor Noh Ji-wook (Ji Chang-wook), and rookie justice department intern Eun Bong-hee (Nam Ji-hyun).

Suspicious Partner
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017
Eps 16/20 HD

Set in the 18th-century Joseon, it tells the story of Crown Prince Lee Sun who fights against an organization that has accumulated power and wealth through privatizing water all over Joseon. Crown Prince Lee Sun becomes a hope for the people who suffers.

Ruler: Master of the Mask
IMDb: 5.7 60 min | 2017